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If sent via common carrier, the body will be loaded first in the trailer and a bulkhead installed to prevent possible damage from subsequent loads. Other parts will be strapped to the body. Casters are installed on the front of the body to allow it to roll like a wheelbarrow.

Some parts may be sent UPS.

Shipping costs range from about $800 to $2000 depending on your location. We need a delivery address, including zip code, to get a shipping quote from our shipping broker. We also need to know if the address is a business or residential address.

Photo of a crated Wombat body. You are welcome to arrange your own shipping if you prefer. You may also make arrangements to come to Washington State and pick up your kit at the fiberglass manufacturer. Customers have carried bodies home on flat bed trailers, across the beds of pickup trucks, and mounted on chassis and towed.

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