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Basic Kit with Top Frame (No Doors or Top) $5,850
Top/Door Options
Hard Half-Doors $1,800
Side Hoops to add to Hard Half-Doors $ 250
Soft Half-Doors $ 800
Soft Top w/Soft Upper Door/Windows for Half-Doors $ 1,200
Soft Upper Door/Windows for Half-Doors $ 450
Soft Top $ 850
Other Options
Rear Luggage Rack $ 300
Temporarily Not Available Carpet Interior Kit $ 250
Customer Provides
You Supply: Running VW Bug Chassis (including engine, tranny, etc.), Tires & Wheels, Early Style Fuel Tank, Interior, Seats, Windshield Glass, Wiper Motors & Wipers, Mirrors, Paint, Headlight Bulbs, Battery Tray & Holddowns and Assembly Labor.
Summary of Basic Kit Contents
Fiberglass: Body, Hood, Windshield Frame, and Dash.
Steel: Body Sub-frame, Front & Rear Bumpers, Brushguard, Tire Rack, Top Support Frame, Windshield Frame Sub-frame & Mounting Hardware.
Electrical: Custom Wiring Harness, Full Lighting and Reflector Package.
Hardware: Hinges, Gaskets, Mount Brackets, Nuts & Bolts, etc. Most miscellaneous items are included.
Labor: Body is jig-bonded to the sub-frame; firewall is installed. Most necessary cutouts performed. Most post-mold preparation of the body is performed. Fiberglass Shells are 3/16" laminate, sanded, primer gray colored gel coat.
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