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The following is a list of our most frequently asked questions and answers. Scroll through this page to browse or use the Find feature in the Edit menu of your browser to search for key words.
Just what exactly is a Kit Car?

A Kit Car is a modified standard car. A Kit can be anything from a few custom body panels that merely change the appearance of a vehicle, to a complete package including suspension, drive-train, and body.

The Wombat kit is a fiberglass body, with styling inspired by military utility vehicles, designed to fit on a standard VW Bug chassis. It is technically a "rebody", meaning that the core mechanicals of the donor car are not modified, and the new body is designed to fit the stock chassis.

Can I come visit you at your shop?

Call or email and we can make arrangements for you to see a finished vehicle and perhaps visit the fiberglass plant.

Do you have an assembly manual?

The Wombat Assembly Manual is available for $25.00 in U.S. funds (includes shipping). Send in check or money order made out to the Wombat Car Company. (For foreign addresses please send $35 US)

We recommend you read through the assembly manual before you purchase your chassis & parts.

Click to take you to a link to a pdf version of the manual.

Do you make any other Kits?

No. The Wombat is it at the moment.

How long does it take to put together?

It should take about 80 to 120 hours to assemble the Wombat kit after the chassis is prepared.

What is the availability/normal delivery time of a Wombat Kit?

Your kit should be ready to ship within 4 to 8 weeks of placing the reservation deposit on your order. This timing depends on our production schedule and how many other orders are in line ahead of you. Call for a current time estimate. Shipping time will depend on your location.

How do I order a Wombat Kit?

Pay the $250 reservation fee down to secure the price and a place in the production line. The balance is due before the kit leaves our facility.

We accept personal check, cashier's checks, money orders, and electronic transfers. A personal check will not secure your place in the production line until it has cleared. We are not equipped to accept credit cards at this time.

Call the Wombat Car Company at (360) 335-8215 to start the ordering process.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs are variable depending on your location. ($800-$2000 on average.) The kit is shipped via common carrier to most destinations. The body will be the loaded first in the trailer and a bulkhead installed to prevent possible damage from subsequent loads.

You can arrange your own shipping if you prefer, or you can come here and pick up your kit in person. Bodies can fit on a flat bed trailer, the bed of a pickup truck, or mounted on a chassis and towed. (Weekend pick-ups can be arranged.)

Is there a "winterized" Wombat?

A Soft Top and Windows package is an option, available in a choice of tan or black. The heating and defrosting system is standard VW Bug. We tap into the stock system and run it through pvc pipe to an inlet in the firewall. Even with the soft top the Wombat cannot be considered weather tight.

Are hard top and windows planned?

Hard top and windows are still in development. Photos will be posted when available.

Do you have roll bars for the Wombat?

We provide a top support cage of 0.095 wall steel tubing. It bolts to the 0.120 wall steel sub-frame. The frame's original design purpose is to support the windshield and top. Our cage is extremely sturdy but we cannot make any safety claims. We recommend you take the entire setup to a local source who can advise if any changes are necessary to meet your desired specifications.

Is the windshield frame all fiberglass or is it steel reinforced? Does it fold down?

The windshield frame is reinforced with 1/8" thick steel tubing. Yes, the windshield will fold down.

What type of fiberglass do you use?

The Wombat body is constructed by a company that specializes in state of the art transportation fiberglass for the trucking industry. The
Wombat meets the same demanding specifications as those required by Freightliner and Kenworth.

The fiberglass body (3/16 laminate) is then mated to an all steel subframe, resulting in an incredibly stiff and durable product.

Coremat is used in the running boards and other high stress areas.

What colors does the Wombat come in?

The Wombat is offered only in primer gray colored, sanded, gel coat. You can paint it any color you wish.

What year chassis do you recommend?

We prefer 1969 or later with an IRS suspension.

Will the Wombat fit on anything besides a VW Bug?

The Wombat is designed to fit on a standard VW Bug chassis (classic, Type 1 air cooled, rear engine VW chassis). Also fits on VW Thing and Kharmann Ghia Chassis. Trying to fit it on any other chassis will require modification and is at your own risk. We've been hearing rumors that a VW Bug can be converted to 4 wheel drive but we don't have any confirmation that it works. You're on your own here. Talk to your local VW Bug gurus.

For the vast majority of people the Wombat's rear drive setup is more than capable for the off-road driving they do. Remember, VW based 2-wheel drive buggies have won the Baja 1,000 for years.

Do you have to do anything to the VW Bug chassis to make it work?

The Wombat Kit is designed to fit on any stock, standard Volkswagen Bug chassis. The chassis does not require any modification for the kit to fit other than to cut away the old floor pans.

Depending on your choice of engine and tire size, you may need to use a transmission with a different gear ratio.

It is possible to merely swap the bodies, but we highly recommend that you carefully examine the mechanicals and replace or recondition them as necessary.

Will it fit on a Super Beetle?

A Super Beetle compatable Wombat Kit is on our to-do list, it is the next project after the hard top is completed. The current kit will not fit on a Super Beetle; the front end of the Super Beetle chassis would have to be modified to make the Wombat kit fit.

What do I need to save from the donor vehicle when I take off the body?

You should save the steering column, the steering wheel, the horn, gauge, blinker sending units, brake reservoir & aluminum tubes, voltage regulators, battery, dashboard grab handle and bolts, fuel cap, gas tank, and tool kit.

And, of course, the whole VW chassis, all running gear, engine, transmission, front beam suspension, lug nuts, and body to chassis bolts.

We recommend you refer to the Wombat assembly manual while working with the donor.

What do I need to buy that is not included in the kit (other than the donor Bug)?

Tires and wheels, seats (most after-market bucket seats will work well), seat belts, carpet/interior, modified gas tank, headlight bulbs, windshield glass, mirrors, wiper motors & wipers, battery tray & hold downs, paint, and a Super Beetle speedometer cable.

Although the stock exhaust system will work, it looks ugly. You may wish to consider a Baja header and custom exhaust system.

What tools will I need to put together a Wombat Kit Car?

A Wombat can be assembled with hand tools. There is no welding and little cutting required. You will need a drill, saw, grinder, caulking gun, rivet gun, Xacto knife, basic wrench & socket sets, screwdrivers, etc.

(Welding some pieces is an option on the top support frame.)

The body is bonded to the frame using specialilzed clamps and a 2-part epoxy gun. We provide the clamps and gun to you for a $250 deposit which is refunded when the items are returned to us.

What kind of instrumentation is there?

The dash is designed and cutout to reuse the stock gauge. Reconditioned, like new, replacements are available if your donor Bug's is missing or unusable. If you plan to use a gauge other than stock, let us know, and we will not cut out your dash so you can cut it to your own specifications.

Aftermarket gauges will require a custom mount system.

I have a custom built engine I'd like to use in a Wombat. What will fit?

The Wombat will accept any of the standard and High Performance VW, Porsche or Corvair engines with little or no modification. Water cooled 4 cylinder engines have also been installed, but require more modification.

Just how big is the Wombat?

The Wombat body is 11'-6" long, 5'6" wide and 26" from running board to the top of the dash. It clears about 12" with P235 75 R 15 tires.

The body kit and steel accessories weigh about 500lbs. A stock chassis weighs around 1200 lb., so the total weight should be about 1800 lb. or less.

Is there room for a back seat?

Yes, although headroom is a little tight. You can have a local upholstery shop make up a seat for you--vinyl and foam over plywood backing.

What kind of storage does the Wombat have? Is there much room in the trunk?

The fuel tank is located in the front trunk. (Remember, this is a Bug based vehicle). There is a reasonable amount of storage left over.

We also have a rear deck luggage rack option ($300).

You can install a center console if you desire.

Some builders choose to build a custom storage locker in the rear bench area.

Can you put a radio in a Wombat?

There is no cutout designed for a radio but you can hang one under the dash.

What kind of insurance can you get for a Wombat Kit Car?

Talk to your regular auto insurance agent. Some companies consider a Kit car built on a VW base to still be a VW, or have a class "dune buggies licensed for street use" that will apply.

You can find advertisements for specialty car insurance in Kit Car Illustrated and Kit Car Magazine and online at www.kitcar.com.

Local and national kit car clubs should be able to refer you to an insurance company. Check magazines for club listings.

Can you raise the suspension on a Wombat?

Sure. The rule of thumb is anything you can do to a Baja you can do to a Wombat.

Did you raise the suspension on your prototype car?

We have done nothing to the standard suspension on our prototype. We did install coil over spring shocks.

What size tires & wheels do you use?

On our first car, we used Mickey Thompson 29x9.5x15 tires on 8" wheels on the front and 29x11.5x15 tires on 10" wheels on the rear.

Our current shop car uses Wildcat Ext P235/75 R15 Steel Radial Traction tires from Les Schwab on 15 X 8 rims front and rear (allows for tire rotation.)

How large a tire can you use?

A 30" tire works well. You can go taller but gearing and turning radius will be affected.

Would this be a good project to work on with my teenager?

Absolutely, if you can stand being in the same garage with them for that amount of time.

Are there any completed Wombats in my area I can go see?

Possibly. Check with us for references.

How much does it cost to complete a Wombat?

The minimum cost is the Kit price plus the cost of a running Bug and the parts we don't supply as well as any labor you opt to hire out rather than do yourself. Your choice of options will also affect the final cost.

Our prototype car cost just under $10,000 to build using all our own labor. Professional labor would add about $4,000-$6,000 to the cost.

Is there any way I can get a Wombat without having to build it myself?

Of course. We can do a limited number of turnkeys here and we may occasionaly have a demo car available for sale. Contact us for details.

You can also usually find a local auto shop willing to build a car for you. This allows you to be more involved in the process. We can give you recommendations for a shop in Southern California and one in Virginia that have done good jobs on our kits in the past. Contact us for details.

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