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The Wombat
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Wombat Body and Large Steel Parts

Body with installed Steel Subframe
Windshield Frame with Steel Subframe

Steel Body Sub-FrameFront Bumper, Brushguard, Top Frame, Body Sub-Frame, Door Hoops
Brushguard Front Bumper
  Front Bumper Brackets (pair)
Rear Bumper
  Rear Bumper Brackets (2)
Tire Rack
  Tire Rack Hinge Bracket
  Tire Rack Pin Bracket
  Tire Rack Pivot PinRear Bumper, Tire Carrier, Top Frame, Body Sub-Frame
Top Support Frame:
  Left Side
  Right Side
  Center Bars (2)

Lights & Electrical
Amber Front Turn Signals w/gasket & screws (2)
Front Marker Lights, Sealed Small Amber (2)
Rear Marker Lights, Sealed Small Red (2)
Marker Light Mounting Brackets, Black or Chrome (4)
Back-up Lights, Sealed 2-1/2" Round Clear (2)
Grommets for Back-up Lights, Black Recessed Mount 2-1/2" (2)
Red Stop/Turn/Tail Lights w/Black Recessed Mount Grommets (2)
Rear Reflectors, Red 2-3/8" Round, w/Self Adhesive Backing (2)
Front Reflectors, Amber 2-3/8" Round, w/Self Adhesive Backing (2)
License Bracket w/Light (includes License Plate Fastener Pkg.) Lights for Wombat Kit
Headlamp Frames (2)
Headlight Rings (2)
Custom Wiring Harness
  Towee & Tower Plugs
  Front Retractable Cable w/disconnect

Custom Harness for Wombat Kit
Other Hardware & Parts
Defrost Ball Vents (2)
Defrost Ball Vent Nozzles (2)
Defrost Diffusers (2)
Defrost Duct Hose
Hood Support Rod
Flush Hood Hinges, Black (Pair)
Rubber Hood Latches (2)
Windshield Hinges(2)
Windshield Hinge Spacers (2)
Wombat Decals (5)
Running Board Black Textured Vinyl Self-Adhesive Tape
Tire Carrier Protective Vinyl Tape
Grille Decal Kit (Self-Adhesive Black Textured Vinyl)
Windshield to Body Gasket
Gas Tank Gasket
Tire Carrier Lock Pin
2 Part Epoxy
Epoxy Mixing Tips

Nuts & Bolts Assembly Packages
Battery TrayNut & Bolt Assembly Packages for Wombat Kit
Dash & Defrost
Front Bumper & Brushguard
Gas Tank
Rear Bumper
Tire Rack
Top Support Frame
Wiring Harness

Specialty Tools
Loaned by WCC via a deposit. When tools are returned, deposit is returned.
Epoxy Gun 
Body to Chassis Bonding Clamp, Front
Body to Chassis Bonding Clamp, Rear

Assembly Manual usually mailed separately at time of placing order.
Accessory Box Envelope  packed in accessory box shipped with your kit.
   Accessory Box Packing List
   Detailed Nuts & Bolts List
   Manual Addenda any changes/additions to the manual
   Patent Protection Stickers
Wiring Harness Diagram included with harness.
Invoice mailed separately after kit is shipped

Optional Custom Exhaust System For Use With Baja Header, Not Supplied
Straight Tail Pipe
2-Bend Primary Exhaust Pipe
1-Bend Secondary Exhaust Pipe
Clamps (3)
Rubber Strap Hanger
Flange Gasket
Exhaust Nuts & Bolts Assembly Pkg.

Photo of optional Rear Deck Luggage Rack
Optional Rear Deck Luggage Rack
Luggage Rack
Luggage Rack Nuts & Bolts Assembly Pkg.

Optional Soft Half-Doors
Half-Door Frames (Left & Right)
Half-Door Skins (Left & Right)
Half-Door Top Bar
Paddle Latches (2)
Striker Plates and Striker Bars (2)
Door Hinges (4)
Soft B-Pillar Filler Panels (Left & Right)
Snap Kit
Velcro Strip
Soft Half-Door Nuts & Bolts Assembly Pkg.

Optional Soft Top
Half-Door Frames (Left & Right)
Awning Rail
Black Nylon Rear Bow Eye Ends (2)
Black Nylon Rear Bow Deck Mounts (2)
Center Top Support Bow(2)
Rear Top Support Bow
Soft Top
Snap Kit
Soft Top Nuts & Bolts Assembly Pkg.

Optional Soft Windows for Half-Doors
Skinned Soft Window Frames (Left & Right)
Wind Deflector Kit
Soft Window Nuts & Bolts Assembly Pkg.

Note: The Top Support Frame is not a Roll Cage. It is designed to support the hard or soft tops and is for appearance purposes only. Our cage is extremely sturdy but we cannot make any safety claims. It is not designed for protection in an accident or rollover.

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