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The Wombat
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The manual is available in pdf form:
Assembly Manual June 2006 (1.6 MB)     

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The majority of the build up is bolt on. The complete process is detailed in the Assembly Manual. Completion of a Wombat will require 80 to 120 hours after the pan is prepared.

  • Remove VW Bug body from pan. Refer to one of the numerous manuals available to guide you in body removal.
  • Prepare the Chassis. Inspect and refurbish as necessary. Remove the old floor pans; the Wombat has an integral floor pan unit. If your floor is reusable, you can trim out the Wombat floor and retain your stock pans--not an optimum choice, ask us for details before you do this.
  • Install wiring harness to body. The Wombat body sets down on the pan using the stock mount points.
  • Bond and Bolt the main Wombat body into place The Wombat body sets down on the chassis using the stock mount points. The Wombat floorboards bond to the center tunnel with a 2-part epoxy.
  • Install steering column.
  • Pre-Mounts. Drill mounting holes for windshield frame, hood hinges, top support frame, wiper motors, tire rack, front bumper, dash, dash switches, etc. Drilling all holes before painting is recommended to avoid scratching paint and to allow the painter to correct any errors.
  • Take mounted body along with hood, windshield frame, and dash to paint shop. The steel pieces come bare–you may either paint them or have them powder coated.
  • Take painted windshield frame to glass shop and have glass installed. Glass is a simple to cut flat plate - use the frame itself as a template. .
  • Mount and hook up the lights.
  • Mount the fuel tank (not provided) in the front trunk area. This kit requires an early style fuel tank.
  • Mount hood.
  • Mount windshield frame with wiper motors installed.
  • Mount bumpers, top support frame, etc.
  • Mount seats (not provided).
  • Either take to upholstery shop for interior, or install optional carpet kit(TNA) ($250).
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