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Choosing a Donor Vehicle

The Wombat Kit Car is designed to fit on a stock, standard Volkswagen Bug chassis with no modifications. As the Wombat body contains an integral floor unit it is not necessary to replace rusted out floor pans.

It is possible to merely swap the bodies, but we highly recommend that you carefully examine the mechanicals and replace or recondition them as necessary. We suggest you locate a VW shop or enthusiast in your area to use as a resource for advice on how to set up the chassis to best suit your needs.

Points to consider when selecting a donor vehicle are:
  • Emission Requirements in Your Area.
    In most locales, cars manufactured before a certain year have less stringent emission requirements than later model cars. Check your local requirements. You may wish to purchase an earlier year car to avoid hassles with the DEQ.

  • Licensing Requirements
    It may be easier to start with a licensed running bug with a valid title than a junkyard pan. .

  • Be sure the donor Bug has a valid title.
    If you discover you’ve built your kit on a stolen chassis the original owner on the donor bug will be the legal owner of your kit car.

  • Your preference of a Swing Axle or CV rear end suspension.

  • What you consider will be the primary use of your Wombat.

  • Professional Mechanic’s Inspection.
    You want to avoid (or at least be aware of and correct) bent front and rear suspensions; worn ball joints, bearings, and brakes; transmissions that sound out of gear. Once you’ve determined that a part is going to be used in the finished Wombat, be sure it is in good working order.

Donor Parts to Save or Locate

It is possible that all of the following parts can be salvaged from your donor car, some will probably need reconditioning. If a part is missing or in poor shape you may wish to buy new or reconditioned parts.

  • VW Bug Chassis
  • All Running Gear
  • Engine
  • Transmission*
  • Front Beam Suspension
  • Lug Nuts
  • Body To Pan Bolts & Washers
  • Steering Column w/ Nuts & Bolts & Wiring Plug
  • Steering Wheel
  • Horn
  • Gauge
  • Battery & cables
  • Dashboard Grab Handle and Bolts (On later models may be found on ceiling.)
  • Brake Reservoir, Mounting Screws & Aluminum Tubes
  • Fuel Cap (needs to be low profile)
  • Gas Tank, early style and gas tank sending unit
  • Clip From Speedometer Cable
  • Tool Kit.

*Depending on your choice of engine, tire size, and year of donor transmission, you may need to exchange the transmission for one with a different ring and pinion for proper performance. Please consult a competent VW mechanic to assist in this decision.

Parts & Supplies to Buy

These parts you will not be able to salvage from your donor.
  • Interior: Carpet or Bedliner
  • Headlight Bulbs 5-3/4" Round 3-Prong High/Low Beam #H5006
  • Wiper Motors and Wipers Jeep Universal Wiper Motor Kits will work or you may prefer a heavier duty marine system.
  • Mirrors One Possibility: Vanagon Side Mirrors, Hagus Parts #251.857.514 and #251.857.513.
  • Battery Tray and Hold Downsńsmall vinyl coated steel battery tray, 10î J-Bolts, and hold down frame available from your local auto supply store.
  • Paint Job
  • Front Seats (Most aftermarket bucket seats will work well.)
  • Rear Seat
  • Seatbelts
  • Super Beetle Speedometer Cable (Long)
  • Tires
  • Wheels
  • Windshield Glass (Use windshield frame itself as template.)
  • 3M Rubberized Spray Undercoating, 2 cans
  • Black Krylon Spray Paint
  • Silicone Sealer, 1 tube
  • Assorted non-lock nuts for pre-mounts.

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