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The Wombat Car Company is the maker of the Wombat Rebody Kit, a custom designed steel-framed fiberglass body kit that fits on a classic VW Beetle Chassis.

The kit is designed so that there is no fabrication, welding, or fiberglass work required for the assembler, only some fitting of the custom parts.

Numerous first time builders have completed their Wombats and Hummbugs (the precursor to the Wombat) in 3 to 4 months of 1 and 2 day weekend efforts without abandoning their families, jobs, or lawns. All for total completion costs of as low as $9400 on used chassis, to an average $12- $13,500 with all new parts.

Customers say that driving a Wombat /Hummbug is like being in a parade, and fueling requires 2 people- one to pump the gas, one to handle the questions.

E-Bat: Going Green with an Electric Wombat

E-BAT: Electric Wombat Magazine Feature in the May/June 2010 issue of Kit Car Builder (#49)

Go to our Articles page to read about the Going Green with an Electric Wombat.

Electric Wombat Magazine Feature

Go to our Articles page to read about the Electric Wombat.

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NOTICE: The advertisement in the January/February Kit Car Builder magazine features an image of a customer assembled 2000 Hummbug. The 7 louver grill is not available, and has been replaced by a 2 horizontal louver or a blank panel. Please excuse any confusion by this image.

The customer assembled electric 2000 Hummbug is featured in the November/December 2006 issue of Kit Car Builder Magazine (issue #28).

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